Every story begins with a journey. Two friends explored two different corners of the world. A year in England and a year in South America. But both of us returned with empty pockets and a costly realization. Working for six months, traveling for six months, rinse and repeat, was not a life either of them wanted to live for ! How could this vicious cycle be broken? We had always dreamt of starting our own business but fear of the unknown, made us toe the line. This time, it was different. Mobilizing on the transformative power of the communal, we built an online community of entrepreneurs,freelancers and digital nomads. This community aims to offer advice,training and support to our members as well as simultaneously expand their networking horizons.

We are also dedicated to Blue Beach Web, a web development team who remain committed to fulfilling client needs in the most professional and friendliest way possible. Our vision is to support other entrepreneurs and we’re always exploring other ventures. We’re planning for a store catering to digital nomads, slated to open soon.